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Cream points are almost pure white with blue eyes. Just a tiny bit of peach on their points
Chocolate and lilac colors have to have chocolate lilac carrier parents
Flame points get baths often to keep those pretty white coats clean
Updated 7-16-14

We hand deliver a lot of the babies ourselves! So bear with us if we are a little slow at email and phone calls
Lynx Points have stripes in their points.
Points are darker color on the face, ears, legs and tail. The body being lighter than the points
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We do ask for a deposit to reserve a kitten 
Email me at
We do ask for a deposit to reserve a kitten 

​417 770 3398
417 770 3398

This is Jack
A Cream Point Himalayan Persian Boy kitten. He is almost pure white with very light cream color on his pointsand bright blue eyes!
Jack is as sweet as he is beautiful. Very spoiled and loving
400.00 for him as a pet
Born on 5-5-14 and will be ready around july 7th at 9 weeks old 
Meet Penny! A classic seal point Himalayan girl baby. Super super sweet  and spoiled. 
Penny was born on May 9th and will be ready around July 11th 
500.00 for her as a pet 
Click a small picture to see a bigger one
This pretty boy is a seal lynx point. We call him Solomon
He has nice stripes on his ears, face legs and tail. Looks like a little white tiger with blue eyes! Very palyful and loving
400.00 as a lap kitty
on hold
This sweet baby is Missy!
She is a blue point Himalayan
She just loves to be held and babied. We actualy call her Little Missy cause she looks up at you with those big blue eyes meowing to be picked up
500.00 for her as a family pet
This baby we call BoJangles!
 He is just super loving and one of my favorites! A pretty Lynx point Boy 
Born May 7th 2014 he will be ready July 9th at 9 weeks
Click a small picture to see a bigger one!