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Cream points are almost pure white with blue eyes. Just a tiny bit of peach on their points
Chocolate and lilac colors have to have chocolate lilac carrier parents
Flame points get baths often to keep those pretty white coats clean
Updated 9-13-14

We hand deliver a lot of the babies ourselves! So bear with us if we are a little slow at email and phone calls

417 770 3398

This is Dallas
A Cream Point Himalayan Persian Boy kitten. He is almost pure white with very light cream color on his points He will keep the bright blue eyes!
He is as sweet as he is beautiful. Very spoiled and loving
400.00 for him as a pet
Born on and will be ready around the end of August at 9 weeks old 
This baby we call BoJangles!
 He is just super loving and one of my favorites! A pretty Lynx point Boy 
Born May 7th 2014 he will be ready July 9th at 9 weeks
Click a small picture to see a bigger one!
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417 770 3398
This little boy we call Rascal! He earned that name always wanting held and folowing us everywhere

Rascal will e 9 weeks old the end of August 
we are taking deposits now 
This little cutie we are calling Scooter! He runs all over the place as fast as he can scoot!
He is going to be a smaller toy size baby. His momma is Bella and Daddy is Chip. Bella is a small kitty at about 6 pounds and all her babies are usualy about the same size grown.
He was born on July 21st 2014 and will be ready around 10 weeks on Sept 29th
350.00 as a loving pet
Our kittens sell very fast so plese let us know if you see one you would like to place a deposit on
This big boy we call Robbie!
He is a classic eal point with a very nice long coat. He is going to be a good sized boy when grown 10 to 12 pounds
He was born on July 26th and will be ready around Sept 20th
His momma is Bella and Daddy is Chip 
400.00 for him as a pet SOLD
This pretty silly little girl we call Peanut! She is the color of creamy peanut butter! She has a super sweet silly personality!
Peanut was born on July 10th and was 8 weeks old on Sept 4th She will be ready on the 10th of Sept
400.00 for her as a loving pet
Meet Cyprus! He is a seal lynx point boy baby. He has stripes like a little white tiger! Big bright blue eyes that will stay that color!We also have his brother available, his pictures are under Cyprus

He was born July 10th 2014 and will be ready by Sept 13th. He has a nice laid back loving personality

350.00 for him as a loving pet

click a little picture to see a bigger one
This cute little guy is Sonny! He is very playful and into everything. He loves being held and cuddled

​He was born July 10th 2014 and will be ready by Sept 13th.

Pictures are from 8-5-14 at 8 weeks

350.00 as a pet