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Cream points are almost pure white with blue eyes. Just a tiny bit of peach on their points
Cream points get baths often to keep those pretty white coats clean
Updated 5-18-15 new babies available

We hand deliver a lot of the babies ourselves! So bear with us if we are a little slow at email and phone calls

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This Super cute little boy we call Ruben! He is a cream lynx point Himalayan
is momma is miss Sibby
born on 9-13-14 He is ready for his new for ever home
Very spoiled and loving
​500$ SOLD
Lynx points have stripes like little white tigers. He will keep these bright blue eyes!
This little fellow I sarted calling Roger Dodger because he has so much energy
He is a Sea Lynx Point Himalayan 
Born 9-13-14 
He is 9 weeks old and almost ready
500.00 SOLD
click a little picture to see a bigger one!
This little cutie pie we are calling SUMMER!! She has a bright sunny personality and is a beautiful orange tabby !
She was born on Dec 14th 

This pretty baby we call Cotton! He is so soft and fluffy! He will have a beautiful thick coat as an adult. He has stripes like a white tiger and will keep those awesome blue eyes! He is a big kitten and should be 10 to 12 pounds grown up.
He is very sweet and the bravest in this litter, first at every thing
He was born Dec 14th and is 6 weeks in these pictures. He will be ready in the middle of next month.
Cotton is a Blue Lynx Point Himalayan
500.00 for him as a loving pet
SOLD to Janie her 2nd kittybaby

This pretty little girl we are calling Minnie. She is a classic seal point Himalayan. We register with CFF
She is 4 weeks old and will be ready in the middle of June around 9 weeks

500$ for her as a loving companion 
After 15 years our first doll face black tabby Persian!
We are calling her Jackie
She is 4 weeks old and will be ready for her new forever home in mid June
400$ for her pet only
Now this little fellow is very vocal lol He is a cream lynx point Himalayan. We are calling him Noble 500$
He is almost 4 weeks old and will be ready in the middle of June 
Noble is going to his new momma Sue but we do have his brother as well!!

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